Type WT - Economy Constant Wattage Cable
Constant Wattage Heating Cable

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WinterTrace 10w/m 240V constant wattage heating cable

♦ Earth Screen Braid and Silicone Over-Jacket 

 Domestic & commercial heating cable

Suitable for frost protection and temperature maintenance applications

Cost effective and simple to install

Small size

 Constant output of 10w/m @ 240V

♦ Priced per metre

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Product Description

Economy parallel circuit - constant wattage trace heating tape (10w/m @ 240V) for frost protection and temperature maintenance of domestic and commercial pipework.

WinterTrace heating tape was specifically designed to meet the 'Economy' requirements of frost protection & temperature maintenance trace heating systems, where cost is a major factor. Although this trace heating cable is from our economy range it is still manufactured to the same high standards as all of our products.

This constant wattage heating tape is designed to be cut from reel lengths and site terminated to suit pipework. The heating cable comprises of 1m heating zones which give the full wattage load when connected to a mains voltage.

Suitable for internal and external freeze protection and temperature maintenance, hot water lines, oil and chemical lines, sprinkler system mains and supply piping (as listed in Clause 1 BS EN 62395).

You will require a termination kit (Type WT/T) to terminate / seal the front and back ends of the heating tape. Thermostatic control is recommended with all trace heating installations and WinterTrace is compatible with our full range of temperature controllers.

Prior to and following installation the heating cable can be fully tested for continuity and insulation resistance.