TracePro - Monitoring Unit
TracePro Monitoring Unit

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Monitoring trace heating controller

Automatic monitoring of up to 2 trace heating circuits

Fault checking & audible fault alarm

Automatic switchover facility

Can be integrated with BMS

For use with cable systems between 20w & 3000w

Weather Proof Enclosure Rated IP65

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Product Description 

The ESH TracePro - monitored trace heating controller is designed for trace heating systems where there is a requirement for the use of a secondary 'back up' trace heating circuit.

Two heating circuits may be connected to a single controller such that if the primary heating circuit fails the controller will automatically switch to the secondary heating circuit. The temperature is monitored via a separate temperature probe.

The controller continuously monitors both heating cables for integrity regardless of the ambient temperature conditions. It has been designed to have no electro-mechanical parts (moving parts) in order to provide the maximum life-time in the field.

Two versions are available: a low power version and high power version to provide monitoring from 20W to 3KW (constant wattage).

TracePro units are weather proof enclosure rated IP65.