Heatmiser PRT-ETS Touchscreen Thermostat


Fully programmable

Touch screen

5 sensing modes

Large screen allows easy reading of system controls

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Product Description

The PRT-ETS electric floor heating thermostat is our 230v touch screen, programmable room thermostat for electric floor heating. The sensing modes include - built in air sensor, remote sensor, floor sensing only, built in air and floor limiting sensor and remote air and floor limited sensor - giving you complete system control.

The PRT-ETS offers the following features:

• Blue back-lit touch screen
• Supplied with a 3 meter remote floor probe
• Heating: weekday / weekend or 7 day programming
• Holiday function
• Hold function
• Automatic blue back-light
• Flush mounting
• °C / °F selectable
• Key locking facility
• Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting
• Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
• Supply: 110v / 230v
• Output: 110v / 230v (16A MAX @ 230v)
• Dimensions: 110 x 100 x 17mm